Wildcat Ranch White Dorpers
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donor ewes

Wildcat JCG 6442
EP105915  |  DOB: 04/10/2016

2020 San Angelo Champion White Dorper Ewe

Yucca Lily 0563
EF063381  |  DOB: 03/14/2010

"Big Momma" is a really heavy boned ewe that is great about her front legs, and wide based from behind. She is very thick, but still really sound. She is actually pretty clean about her breast and neck for being such a powerhouse. Madison Bowles from Ranger is showing a market lamb out of her this year that we have high hopes for.

HSS 2320
EP067794   |  DOB: 11/02/2010

2320 is a really well balanced ewe that came from Alan Mcanalley. She is super feminine, and her neck ties in high into her shoulders. She produces really correct lambs that are strong topped and complete. Some of her progeny includes the 2014 Reserve Hair lamb at Ft. Worth shown by Sierra Martin, and by David Wilson's Ram, "Hammer." Also, she raised the 2012 Champion Ram at the Texas Hill County Dorper Association Show and Sale, and purchased by Glen Martin there. Look for her daughter in Peighton's show string this season, Wildcat 4114.

Wildcat Ranch 3208
EF082816   |  DOB: 02/28/2013

Wildcat Ranch 3208 is a Killer daughter whose pedigree traces back 3 times to Kaya 0036, an Australian Supreme Champion.  This moderate ewe was Pieter van Schalwyk's favorite ewe at Wildcat when he was here in September 2014.  Her rib design is what we are after, plus she is square made, level topped, and poses that wedge-shaped design like a lady should.

Wildcat Ranch 3516
EF082932   |  DOB: 04/12/2013

3516 was the 2014 Champion White Dorper Ewe at Ft. Worth. We have big hopes for her impact on our program. She has a really big, wide-pinned hip and lots of leg. Her muscle pattern is long and smooth, not round, and she can stretch out and walk really well.

Yucca Lily 0542
EF062877  |  DOB: 03/12/2010

This 2010 model ewe is the most important female on our ranch. She won the Reserve Champion White Dorper Ewe title in 2012 at Ft. Worth. Since then she has raised several good ones for us, including the first place lightweight at Ft. Worth in 2013, shown by Logan Lee from Rankin, Texas. She is the mother to 3516, 3513, and "Harry."

Wildcat 3513
EF082929  |  DOB: 04/11/2013

Wildcat 3513 is in Peighton's show string.  She is daughter of Yucca Lily 0542 and by D555.   She has been flushed to Killer, and we are looking forward to their arrival.  3513 is a true heart-stopper to see...Big top, long hind saddle, as square as you can make one, and really feminine.   The bonus feature is she had a lamb unassisted as a yearling, and has proved her maternal ability!  Unfortunately, we lost her weaned lamb in an accident.

Wildcat Ranch 33
EF070229  |  DOB: 03/13/2011

R33 is a Killer daughter that won the Ft. Worth Youth Show in 2012.   She is the mother to Sierra Martin's San Angelo Champion Hair Sheep in 2014.  This year she produced a solid stud ram that we used lightly.  R33 is heavy boned, with a super forerib, and widthrom the ground up

thank you to kallie kohls york for taking all the donor ewe photos.
contact her at: 325-277-7077 or find her on facebook!