Wildcat Ranch White Dorpers
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stud rams

HC6 2124 "Killer"
RF062198  |  DOB: 03/02/2010

"Killer" is the cornerstone of the Wildcat Ranch program. He has sired several champions in the breed.

Wildcat Ranch R7
RF068322  |  DOB: 02/17/2011

Wildcat Ranch R7, 2012 Reserve National Champion White Dorper Ram in Youth Show. He was used one season before he was killed by another ram. We have a very limited supply of his semen

Wildcat Ranch 3202 "Turbo"
RF082822  |  DOB: 04/10/2013

Wildcat Ranch 3202, “Turbo”, the Supreme Champion Ram at Ft. Worth, 2014.

Wildcat Ranch 4134 "Donkey"
RF090711  |  DOB: 04/05/2014

Wildcat 4134, aka " Donkey" is by Yucca Lily S0510, aka "Mikey", a buck we partnered on with N and K Ranches in Eldorado.  He is a bigger ram with a ton of bone and Rib, and his shoulders tie in nice and flat.  All of our progeny from "Mikey"  have great feet and are really sound, yet still have some true muscle."

Wildcat Ranch 4213
RF090712  |  DOB: 04/07/2014

"Harry" is a 2014 lamb by the Supreme Champion White Dorper Ram, "Turbo". Harry has great hair and is very expressively muscled. He has a ton of base width and yet still attractive in his design. When Harry was born, he was just a little squirt! Plans are to utilize his small birth weight and breed him to ewe lambs and yearlings for their first lamb.